Adding to The Done List

Adding to The Done List

It has been a long month.

On top of the closing out of the work I was doing for Scotland, I have now returned to the London company, and have taken on a few things;

Firstly, I have started to compile a series of DevOps practice projects – I found that one of the issues we were facing at work was that when on the bench, people were allowing their skills to become rusty, and the current teaching methods that we use (videos, then a step by step do X, then Y, then Z) didn’t really engage the problem solving aspect of DevOps, and for people like me weren’t all that useful in embedding long term knowledge.

Secondly, I took a week for training and have attained these:


(During my posting of these, I was reminded by my housemate that I need to contact Axelos and get my name updated on the PRINCE2 certificate…)

And finally, there was last week, where I… Took a week off. I was going to write a post before I left but after I got the Agile Practitioner, I decided to have a couple of celebratory drinks and then just didn’t post.

So on the week off, I stayed at an AirBnb on the outskirts of Oxford. Nice little place, all self contained. I saw one of my girlfriends for the first time since 2019 (!!!), we went for lots of walks, we ate amazing (and terrible) food, we cuddled and caught up.

I also got to meet up with a cuddly member of the polycule, who like myself has been isolating hard for the past 18 months – I passed on cuddles from my partners and was criticised for not being as busty as C, and too tall to accurately replicate E…

Listen, I’m 35 now, I can’t be bending that much, I’ll put my back out.

I also got to see yet another friend who I haven’t seen since early 2019, and who seems to be doing really well for herself. We wandered around the botanic garden together, taking pretty pictures and chatting about so much, including work, sex, religion, politics – all of the fun conversations.

I am now back into project mode though, and have a few things that I am really excited to work on in the pipeline, tempered with some more minor grumbles about recruiters.