Right, you’ve read the homepage and you know the basics, so yes: I do *things*.

I am a devops and cloud architecture consultant, business analyst, project manager, D&I champion and hot drink enthusiast. I work in tech, events, legal, retail, hospitality, etc etc etc.

In 2021, I decided to start documenting some of the things I was doing. Partly as a ‘done list’ (The idea of which is simple: Keeping track of what you do makes you feel productive, happy and energized), but also partly as a portfolio, a blog for random ideas for things I want to do or make in the future, etc.

In terms of work, I am good at filtering out the important work from the urgent work. I have found that if I’m not being challenged I tend to lose interest. That’s actually one of the reasons I started this site: I wanted to document challenges I set for myself and how I work through them.

A little about me in my personal life: I’m a geeky, polyamorous, queer, trans, Irish woman. I sometimes stream games on Twitch and/or YouTube (That really relies on my having time to do so), I play D&D, I moderate a few groups and discord servers and I occasionally bake.

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