Hi. I’m Morgan.

I’m a project manager from London, I work in tech, covering cloud native and DevOps mostly and I do a lot of different things from Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through to gaming, cooking and dating.

In this site, you’ll find things from musings on million pound ideas through to rants about digital ethics and NFTs, there is probably also some stuff on sex, coffee, romance, and so on.


I wanted a space to show off that I am also a fully rounded person – in these days of remote work, it is hard to really appreciate the holistic side of people when we are all so physically removed from each other.

As such, I wanted a space to really let people get a feel for who I am as a person, especially if they pick this website up through a job application or my business card.

So have a look around, see what you think and at the end of it all, get in touch, let me know your thoughts.