Voice feminisation

Voice feminisation

As a trans woman, one of the things that I am working towards is a more feminine voice. Now that I have better equipment (and yes, I know toolbox fallacy), I have started a new Thing(TM) – I have begun my journey to sounding more feminine.

Now I am only on day 3, and the exercises so far have focused on pitch rather than the much more important (in my mind and according to all the research I have done) frequency of the voice, but because it’s such a long journey, I have elected to start recording the videos with a plan to either release a mini documentary at the end or to upload videos to the youtube channel as I go.

One of the big things that I am encountering is the dichotomy of information that is available – there is a wealth of information that is freely accessible on youtube, forums, etc etc etc, while in other places, the same (or worse) information is behind pay gates. There is one app that I am using and love, but there are three sections to it – beginner, intermediate and advanced, which are £20 each, and at least in my mind, are not really as in depth as I would expect for £20, but at the same time, I see that each module is supposed to be something that you use daily for a month, bringing that cost to less than £1 a day.

There is also a lack of tools that actually analyse frequency rather than pitch. While there are plenty of readily available tools for analysis of pitch (I have come to enjoy this one), there is nothing quite as accessible for frequency on pc, though I have managed to find a tool on the android store called Spectroid, which does what I am looking for.

As with all of the self-improvement projects I am attempting, I think that this one is also going to be a case of doing what I can and then once I have reached as far as I can go, finding a professional to show me the next steps.

But at least it is another thing I am doing. 😀