Social Media Stuff

Social Media Stuff

First things first: No steal this idea Saturday this week. I had a fairly intense level of sensory overload on friday which I am still recovering from.

Second up: Let’s talk about building connections.

I was talking with my friend Charlie, and she was telling me about the difference between advertising, marketing and branding – A lot of stuff that mostly went over my head – but she told me that one of the important things when it comes to internet presence is ensuring that you had consistent connections throughout – The same name in different places, ways for your community to connect to you in those places, etc.

She told me about NameCheckr – a tool which you can use to see where your username is available, where it has been taken, etc etc etc, so off the back of this, I now have usernames on *several* different platforms including some that I wouldn’t have considered including Etsy and DeviantArt.

So the big thing that I wanted to think about while I was doing this was the question of keeping all of these links in one place – I could just keep a list in excel or similar, access it when I need, but looking around at different options, I came across Link tree.

It’s a super basic little tool, you basically need a title and a link and you can get all your social media links into a single list. Check mine out:

So yeah, that was all I wanted to post about today – just a morning spent doing this thing.

Also, for those who have seen the new headers: These Cyberpunk based images were created by my friend Captain Eden – Check out their work HERE.