Steal This Idea Saturday – Unroutine

Steal This Idea Saturday – Unroutine

I have spent the day cleaning about half the apartment and I am pooped.

This led to my idea for the week: ‘Unroutine’

It’s not something that it likely to take off any time soon, but it is like… a week off from real life?

Life for the last year and a half has been pretty eye opening for most of us, and I am personally feeling the need for a break from the mundane.

I passed the idea by one of my partners and they were like ‘you mean a holiday?’ so I am not explaining it all too well, but in my mind it is a week long event, where someone sorts out all your regular chores – cleaning, washing clothes, sorting out whatever you usually have to do, and you are instead living a different life.

Maybe you have to take the role of a spy, or a CEO, or you’re trapped in a labyrinth and have to escape. It’s not about relaxation in the same way that a holiday is, it’s about experiencing *otherness*.

Anyway, that’s it: that’s all I have this week. I’m going to bed.