Hello world!

Hello world!

Yeah, I kept the title. Seemed fitting. Anyway, my first challenge to myself:


“A responsive website is one that can work on a variety of devices and screen sizes, on both mobile and desktop browsers. Today’s endless stream of new devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) is making website responsiveness more crucial than ever. The way in which people view the web is changing, and as a result, building a site with a responsive design is the key to staying ahead of your competitors.”

“Building a website from start to finish may seem daunting at first. As you’re getting started, you may consider using a website template with predefined design elements, which will allow you to apply a responsive design to an existing template, without the need to create your own from the ground up.”

04/07/21 – built *this* website.

I still need to figure some stuff out, like why ‘Home’ appears on the right, and I will need to change up some of the stock imagery around, but otherwise, relatively happy to have started on this.